Thats right, you can win $10,000 for racing Go karts

The American E-Kart Championship, a place where any racer, a nurse, a fireman, a retired veteran, a 14yr old, or the school bus driver can take the mantle as America’s Fastest E-Kart Racer.  This is a competition where racers across the nation compete for the title and battle it out under one roof in Chicago for 3 nights of fast paced, intense indoor electric karting.

Where can you participate?

The best part about this competition is that there are many tracks across the nation that are participating including all Autobahn Indoor Speedway locations and the place where it will all go down, Accelerate Indoor Speedway.

You would just need to connect with one of these local tracks, join the league, win your local league and get sent to Chicago for the Nationals.

Sounds easier than done right? Well many have already accomplished this task in last years competition and claimed the title of track champions, but only one was crowned America’s Fastest E-Kart Racer!

You might even end up on ESPN like these racers did! For more info check out THE Go Kart Racer Podcast!

American E-Kart Championship