You’ve heard all the ins-and-outs about why you should take your next event to the track. After all, go-karting indoors at speed up to 50 MPH is one of the most epic, adrenaline-infused activities you can find. But did you know that there’s more to what you can learn from go-karting than just how to leave your competition in the dust?


Here are a few things you can learn from go-karting:

Faster, Better Decision Making

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially with our tracks at Autobahn. One minute you’ll be speeding through the straight-away, the next you’re gliding around a turn. Go-karting is all about reaction, and how quickly you can maneuver around your opponents and steer around an unexpected bend. If you want to be the first across that checkered line, you have to be able to act (and think) quick!


The most confident people are the people you’ll see standing on the podium – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were always that way! Becoming confident takes lots of practice, which is why we offer different leagues and clinics throughout the year. Once you master the tricks of the track, you’ll be unstoppable!

Spirit of Competition

Nobody likes a sore loser, and in the world of racing, there’s always going to be someone who comes first, but that means there will also be someone who comes in last. That’s the name of the game! Go-karting can help you learn how to win and lose with grace. Being able to adapt and try again without getting discouraged or angry is important in becoming a top racer. Even the best of the best lose sometimes!

Adaptation Skills

Racing is an unpredictable sport. You never know what your competition is going to look like or when you may come across an obstacle you weren’t expecting, especially if you race at many different tracks. But the more you face adversity and handle the unexpected, the easier it is for you to adapt to your surroundings – both on and off the track!

Who knew go-karting could go such a long way (literally)! If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself. Visit your nearest location this weekend to start accelerating your skillset and be sure to check out our upcoming leagues.