4 Ways to Get Your Employees Excited About Your Next Corporate Team Building Event

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Corporate Events

You’ve finished planning your next team building event. You’ve checked off all the boxes: the location, catering, ice breakers, and fun activities. But is your team excited yet?

Team culture events are vital keys to your team’s success, so it can be discouraging if your employees aren’t excited about what you have planned.

Don’t worry! Here are 4 ways to get your employees excited about your next corporate team building event:

Know what your employees want.

When it comes to fun team building events, it’s important to keep your team’s interests in mind — after all, they’re the reason for the event! Some employees may hate the restaurant that’s catering. Others may have a condition that prevents them from participating in a certain activity. Then there are plenty that simply don’t have the same interests as you. The only way to know these things is by talking to them.

Get feedback from your employees on what they want out of team building events, and find out what they don’t want. They’ll feel valued if you ask them these questions, which can help with the overall morale and excitement leading up to the event. As you plan more events, ask for feedback after every activity you do together in order to make sure you know them well enough.

Think outside the box.

While it’s important to remain professional in any type of business setting, these types of events should stand out from a typical work day. That means going above and beyond to make your events fun and memorable, not typical and corporate.

Take your team off location; your boardroom isn’t the right place to build community on a day like this. Add a few elements throughout the day to show your employees that this is a time to relax, have fun, and maybe even compete a little!

Give them something different.

Sure, a corporate picnic may have been a blast last year. Or maybe you took the entire team out to dinner and they seemed to enjoy it. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll enjoy the same thing year after year.

Try something new and exciting! This is the best way to get them to break out of their shells and experience a whole new level of team building together.

Hype it up!

Maybe you’ve hit every single thing on this list and you know your event will be exactly what your employees want. But now it’s time to make them aware of this!

If you want to surprise your team and wait until the day of the event to tell them exactly what you’re doing, then make sure they know to expect something awesome. Plant seeds that will help ensure they won’t be disappointed. If you’re okay disclosing all the information, then let everyone in on it so they know what to expect, and so they know just how awesome it will be! Show them why you chose these activities and the benefits you expect to see.

At Autobahn, we believe that corporate team building events should be fun and memorable. And what’s more fun and memorable than racing high-speed F1-inspired go-karts? That’s why we work with you to fully customize an event based on your team’s wants, needs, and expectations. 

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