It’s bachelor party planning time. Maybe you’re the best man or a groomsman, or maybe you’re the groom and you want to give your guys the best night out. Either way, you want this to be a night to remember and something you and your crew will be talking about for years to come. You need something new and different. That’s why high speed indoor go-karting is the ultimate bachelor party idea.

It’s not a trip to Vegas, and it’s not a bar crawl. The ultimate bachelor party idea is a night of bare knuckle high speed go-karting.

Why choose go-karting for your bachelor party idea

Here are 5 reasons why go-karting is the ultimate bachelor party idea:

  1. Friendly competition. Who doesn’t love a little competition, especially with the guys you’re closest to? Go-karting is an exciting way to compete against each other, and you can even make it a little interesting — have prizes or a cash prize for the racer with the shortest time at the end of the night. Because bragging rights, of course.
  2. It’s different. Especially if this isn’t the first bachelor party in your friend group, typical “stags” can get a little old, not to mention expensive (see below). Having a night out on the track is a different way to celebrate the groom and an experience that really never gets old.
  3. It’s cheaper. Like we said above, bachelor parties can get expensive, especially if it involves traveling, fancy meals, and copious amounts of beverages (though we’re not saying these things can’t be done after your race if you’d like!). Go-karting is reasonably priced, especially if you get a group deal (see below).
  4. Fun for everyone. Go-karting is HIGH ENERGY. And we all have that “one guy” (or maybe a few of them) that isn’t the most athletic or the most coordinated. The great thing about go-karting is that it’s fun for everyone, even those with little or no experience! You don’t have to be a great athlete to enjoy it, and it’s certainly fun even if you come in last place.
  5. It brings people together. Go-karting together not only gives you some space to be competitive, it also gives you a chance to band together and cheer each other on. If your group is large enough that you split up during races, this is especially true. Those on the sidelines during a race can cheer the others on, and the stars of the night can share some coaching and tips with the rest of the group (if you’re lucky).

Why choose Autobahn

Here’s why Autobahn is the place for your bachelor party:

  1. The karts. Hit speeds up to 50 MPH with our high-performance, F1-inspired electric pro-karts. Each kart is fast, modern, easily controlled, and safe (even if you’re a terrible driver).
  2. The tracks. All of our tracks are completely indoors, meaning you’ll have the perfect racing conditions every day, no matter what the weather is like outside. Our tracks are professionally designed to maximize speed and safety.
  3. Party packages. Our party packages are affordable and the thrills are unforgettable. We also offer other options and various catering packages if you want to go even bigger.
  4. Your own track. We offer full track rentals, meaning you and your guys can have the entire place to yourself while you race. What’s better than that? Call your closest location for pricing details.

Having your bachelor party at one of our tracks would be a fun, unique experience for all of your guys. If you’re ready to book or have some questions for us, find your closest location and contact us here.