5 Things to Look For in Company Holiday Parties

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It goes without saying that your staff is your most valuable resource, so why not plan a corporate holiday party to reward them for all their hard work? Company holiday parties inside the office are nice, but creating some friendly competition is even better. Besides, you don’t want to be the company that always does the same thing, do you?

The big question: What could you do that’s fun and promotes team building while getting into some nitty-gritty competition?

5 things to look for in company holiday parties:

  1. Something unique. Your holiday party should put a stamp on the end of the year and help end it right. The best way to do that is by breaking away from the norm and doing something fun and exciting.
  2. Something that shows your appreciation. Your employees want a fun way to celebrate the end of an awesome year, and there’s no better way to thank them than with a celebration. You want a holiday party that shows you appreciate your employees and will go above and beyond for them. There’s no better way to achieve a high retention rate than by showing your employees they’re valued and appreciated.
  3. A venue that can accommodate everyone. Choose a location large enough to accommodate all of your employees (plus maybe their plus-ones as well). A restaurant or a small event space won’t do; go big here!
  4. An activity for everyone. Choose a place that has more than just dining. By choosing a venue that offers plenty of activities, you’re giving everyone plenty of opportunities to find something they enjoy and to even try something new. This will also ensure that everyone will enjoy themselves, regardless of their personalities or skills.
  5. Something that takes their minds off of work. Even though you may provide the most stress-free, fun work environment, taking your team out of the office helps them clear their mind and work more efficiently later on. Plus, they’ll appreciate you bringing them for such a cool team activity.

5 reasons why indoor go-karting is the perfect place for a company holiday party:

  1. Competition – Your team has worked long and they’ve worked hard this whole year. What better way to blow off some steam than with some friendly competition against coworkers? You can even shake it up a bit and offer up some rewards for the winners.
  2. Team building – Not only will your team be having fun competing against each other, but they’ll also be team building, too. Go-kart racing promotes a high level of energy, that allows anyone, even the least-coordinated team member, to get in on the fun. Plus, with various go-karting games and team building activities like the Blindfold Challenge and Pit Crew Challenge, your team will get to really know each other and become more connected.
  3. Something for everyone – Your employees don’t have to love to race to enjoy a holiday party at the track. We offer catering options, full venue rental, and plenty of games and activities for everyone to join in on. Our track is large enough and we’ll work with you to ensure that your employees can mingle and have fun even if they’re not racing.
  4. Season of giving – The holidays are a time of giving. Throughout the year, your employees give you lots of their time, effort, and productivity. Giving back to them is always a nice gesture to show that they are genuinely appreciated.
  5. Open no matter the weather – It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, or sunny, Autobahn is open! You won’t have to worry about canceling because of unpredictable winter weather. Our indoor track gives you the perfect racing conditions every day.

Don’t let your holiday parties go stale. Booking your holiday party with us is quick and easy, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Check for the closest location near you, and get ready to put the pedal to the metal on your company holiday party.

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