No matter what type of office environment you work in, it’s important to find moments to come together as a team and celebrate — whether it’s a holiday, a major life event, or a company milestone.

How is your company staying on top of these things and making it a point to celebrate as a team?

If you’ve ever seen a holiday or big event come and go and thought you missed an opportunity to do something with your team, or if you’ve ever struggled to come up with ideas for celebrating, this is for you.

Here are 6 things to consider:

  1. Know your team. A very large company will celebrate differently than a small startup. And if you work in a formal corporate environment, your celebrations will look different from those of a more casual company. Take some time to figure out what your employees want and what they expect. The best way to do this? Ask!
  2. Consider timing. If you know your employees are busiest at the end of the month, then a Halloween party taking up half the day may not be the best decision. You never want your employees to feel overwhelmed when celebrating something. Plan around your employees’ schedules and do your best to never take away time from their families.
  3. Have a plan and a budget. Team building activities and fun cultural celebrations may not seem like something that requires much thought or approval. But if you truly want to impact your company culture through activities and celebrations, then it’s time to set a budget and make a plan. If it’s feasible for your company to plan out the entire year, it’s a simple one-time task that can serve as a guide for the entire year. If that’s not possible for your team, consider planning it out each month and budgeting for what you’ll need. This will keep you from going overboard in the beginning of the year and having no funds left over for a Christmas party.
  4. Switch it up. A simple team lunch may be exactly what your team needs to celebrate a minor achievement, and this can certainly serve as a fun surprise. But when it comes to major holidays or major milestones, it’s time to give your employees a little more. Never bore them and always show them how valued they are by celebrating with them.
  5. Dare to be Different. If you believe your team is unlike any others out there, then they deserve a celebration unlike any out there. Do something fun and unique, and consider moving off site for this.
  6. Come to Autobahn! We take pride in our corporate team building events, and we’ll give you everything you need to make your employees feel valued and celebrated — including taking care of catering details!

Do you have anything coming up that warrants a celebration with your team? Maybe it’s a holiday or a major achievement. Maybe one of your employees is having a baby or getting married. Maybe you’re just really proud of how your employees delivered results this quarter. Whatever it is, it’s time to celebrate!

If you’d like to learn more about how Autobahn can help you do this, check this out.