7 Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Teen Party

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There’s a lot that can go into planning a birthday party for your teen. After all, you want to throw your child a party that’s fun and entertaining, but also safe and financially sound.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to throw the best party for your teen, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips:

1. Decide on a location. This is the most important step. What kind of party do you and your teen want? What’s within budget? What type of location will be the best combination of fun and budget-savvy? The best type of location for your teen’s birthday party is one that will provide a fun, challenging environment while handling most of the details for you.

2. Don’t be afraid to get started early. A good party isn’t put together in a few days, or even weeks. You don’t have to make any huge decisions right away, but at least begin the conversation about six weeks out from the desired party date.

3. Decide on the guest list. First off, you and your teen will need to decide on the amount of invites being sent out to ensure your venue and activities can hold everyone.

4. Let your teen decide on the invitations. Planning a party for your teen will require a lot of compromise from everyone. But allowing them to have some freedom in choosing the invitations (and even personalizing or creating them) will make them feel like it’s their party.

5. Decide on activities. Teen parties can get boring if there’s nothing planned, so sit down with your teen to decide on some fun, realistic activities that everyone can participate in. (If you have your party with us, we’ll take care of this part for you! We have plenty of activities lined up for each party we host.)

6. Contact a caterer. For a teen party, you won’t need anything too fancy — but you also don’t want to go too casual here. Make sure it’s something that the guests will be talking about for a while. (Have your party with us, and we’ll handle all the catering for you so that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about!)

7. Call in for backup. While it’s true this party is all for your teen, you want to make sure you’re having fun, too! Bring your spouse, your friend, or even a few friends. The best case scenario would be to bring in a few of your teen’s friends’ parents to join you as you host.

Here at Autobahn, we want to give you and your teen the best birthday party available. If you have your party here, we’ll handle all the catering, activities, and, of course, location.

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