A Great Place To Work Is A Great Place To Play

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We admire great companies. And we believe that all the best, most creative, and inspiring organizations put their people first. That’s because if you put your people first, they will put your customers first.

It doesn’t really matter what business you’re in — from high-tech industry to high-touch service. Even if you’re in automation, large-scale construction, or manufacturing, someone has to operate the heavy machinery. People are capable of extraordinary things when they work together with a common vision.

We’re proud of the extraordinary organizations that have chosen Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events as a place to reward their people with a fun day of celebration or as a place to build a better team. We learn from these organizations, and we try to bring these lessons to our team.

Now, we’re proud to announce that we just received the Great Place To WorkTM certification.

Some might say with ultra-high-tech, ultra-smooth, Formula 1-inspired prokarts that can reach highway speeds, the good, clean, cutting edge fun of axe throwing, and immersive video and VR games, that we wouldn’t have to work hard to create a great place to work. 

The truth is, we’re always looking for ways to improve ourselves and the people around us and that is why we have been fortunate to have been blessed with talented professionals who tend to stay with us for a very long time.

Fun Is Serious Business

We’re always looking for the next fun thing. And in the process, we invest heavily in employee training, professional development opportunities, and flexible career directions based on each team member’s individual strengths and goals. 

The perpetual search for that new exhilaration attracts people who want creative challenges, who are always asking, “What could be even more fun?” It also requires a lot of diversity, not just in backgrounds, but also in thinking. 

For you, that means that no matter how large or small your group, no matter what the occasion, our people will always ensure that there’s something for everyone in your party. Learn more about our group events and see how to save by clicking here.

Find Your Line.

Professional racecar drivers are always looking for that special “line” that will drive them to victory. So, in that sense, maybe it’s fitting that a fast and fun business like Autobahn would offer employees so many different paths to advancement.

Whenever possible, we try to find each team member’s special skills and passions and help them build their own futures. Most of us have started at the front desk, in the pits, on the floor, or in the axe arena, learning our business from the ground up and interacting with customers everyday. From there, some people advance to become store managers, regional managers, and so on. 

Others manage leagues and race operations and are faced with one of the biggest responsibilities — to develop the rules for the American E-Kart Championship, the national indoor electric kart racing series that was featured on ESPN and is now available on Amazon Prime. Still, there are others that grow into marketing, sales, IT, human resources, sales, and further disciplines.

The premier go-kart, axe throwing, and VR and arcade chain currently employs nearly 400 team members in locations nationwide — from New York to Alabama with plans to accelerate their growth. And whether they get their start as students looking to earn some extra cash or as business veterans, team members can look forward to a challenging work environment that may take them in directions they never thought possible, in a culture that encourages everyone to “Think Young. Have Fun.”

“I think we offer an incredible career path to a variety of people,” says Michael Greene, CFO, who came to Autobahn after holding a variety of executive leadership positions with multiple high-profile business consulting firms. 

“We are in the business of fun, so if you like helping others have fun, you can enjoy every single day. At the same time, we put everyone through serious business instruction, including daily team huddles where everyone has a voice to Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) management training.”

This proven methodology can bring people together under one shared vision, create traction within the organization, and develop healthy teams through Level 10 Meetings, where the goal is for each member to view every meeting as a “10” and set Rocks, individual quarterly sustained goals established for each member to benefit the business as a whole.

This ongoing business training, along with developing talent from within, and building around the special talents of each team member, means you get everyone’s best when you come to Autobahn.

A Great Place To Work Is A Great Place To Play (And Maybe Work A Little)

Here are 10 great reasons why Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events has everything you need to have a great group outing:

  1. We’re indoors. Unless it’s severe, the weather is never a factor, so you don’t have to worry about cancellations or contingencies.
  2. We offer great team-building opportunities. Our Blindfold Challenge improves group communications skills, and our Pit Stop Challenge sharpens problem-solving skills.
  3. We’re fast and fun. Our karts can reach highway speeds, and nothing brings a team together like some friendly internal competition.
  4. We have plenty of space. Even our smallest locations are bigger than a football field, allowing extra room to practice safe social distancing and accommodate a lot of people.
  5. We’re totally connected. Just because you’re having fun doesn’t mean you have to be cut off. With superfast wifi, you’re always in touch except for the times you’re blasting by one of your teammates in a slick, Italian kart.
  6. We even have a conference room. Our multimedia-ready conference room can accommodate up to 300 people and overlooks the track. (Don’t worry, we can obscure the view so that no one gets distracted.)
  7. We can help with the food. In some locations, we have a full-service restaurant. In all locations, we have tables, chairs, utensils, and can help with any local eatery you may have catered in. Of course, we also have light snacks and plenty of drinks.
  8. We offer cutting edge competition. If anything could compete with racing as a teambuilding recharge it’s one of America’s fastest growing sports, axe throwing. Our professional axe-perts will instruct everyone on your team on how to safely and accurately make one-hand, two-hand overhead, or underhand throws. They can even learn how to throw two axes at two separate targets at the same time. All we can say is no one is messing with the person who hits two bullseyes at once.
  9. We will help you make great moments and memories. Our team will capture all the great times in photos and videos. You can pose with hats, helmets, and other props while wielding your axe, and you can take a shot of your place on the winner’s podium to share with anyone you want.
  10. We offer regular specials and incentives. No one likes putting on a party like we do, which is why you may find a special deal here. Also, sign up for our emails, and we will always make sure you are the first to know about any new offers.

Your Best Day Is Our Best Day

Our goal isn’t simply to be a great place to work and a great place to play. It’s to get better with each customer. Never underestimate the power of a good time.

Nothing brings people together faster than fun.

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