Before you go fast, you have to know how to hit the brakes.

by | Oct 18, 2023 | Racing Tips

When you think of all the skills you need to go fast, the first thing you think about probably isn’t how to use the brakes.  However, it’s the mastery of braking that often separates the champions from the contenders. That’s because the brakes can set you up for a turn, help you keep your line, and, when applied correctly, make you go faster.

1. The accelerator isn’t the only pedal you have to master. Brakes are more than just a means to slow down. The right braking technique not only affects cornering but also contributes to overall lap time. 


2. Threshold Braking: Walking the Tightrope of Traction

Threshold braking is a technique that requires finesse. It’s about pushing your car’s braking capabilities to the limit, without crossing the threshold into skidding. 


3. Trail Braking: Dancing with the Turn

Trail braking involves maintaining some degree of braking while entering a corner, gradually releasing it as you approach the apex. This technique shifts weight to the front wheels, enhancing grip and maneuverability.


4. Consistency and Smoothness: Keys to Success

Consistency in braking is crucial. Smooth, controlled braking prevents destabilizing the car and allows for consistent cornering.


5. Braking as a Strategic Move: Reading the Track

Understanding when and where to brake is an essential to any successful race. 

In the dynamic world of racing, the brake pedal is a tool of finesse, a bridge between speed and control. As you navigate corners and straights, remember that brakes aren’t just about slowing down – they’re about harnessing energy, mastering balance, and achieving a harmonious blend of skill and strategy. So, the next time you hit the track, embrace the symphony of braking, and let your car dance through the curves with the grace and precision that define a true racing master.

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