Racing has been in a very aggressive state of change recently with most major racing entities using or moving to hybrid or fully electric vehicle (EV) technology before the decade’s end. 

Enter electric karting, which has become so prevalent in places like Autobahn Indoor Speedway. Indoor electric karting venues in shopping centers, business parks, and other locations bring this exciting technology to all ages.

Electric karting is setting up racing enthusiasts to understand the difference between electric and gas vehicles. Running an all-electric racing fleet offers a complete and enjoyable racing experience for racers of all skill levels.

Electric karts are much more forgiving if you miss your line or mess up a braking zone around the track by utilizing impressive amounts of torque to power through the corners. The other impressive thing besides the torque is how smooth the power can be applied to keep it from launching you out of control at every turn. 

Another added benefit is that you can run electric vehicles indoors in a comfortable environment free from exhaust fumes and other fluids like oil and gas which leave you walking away feeling filthy and needing a shower.

As any fan of F1 can attest to, the addition of the hybrid motors adding up to 160hp to the wheels was a huge change and completely revolutionized the sport and made the cars firmly on the bleeding edge of racing technologies. 

All of these developments combined make electricity the future of all motorsports by making safe, dependable power where it counts the most. With gas vehicles, there is a very specific power curve that the engine needs to stay in to produce peak power and efficiency whereas electric vehicles can have the power curves and output programmed to very specific needs to dominate any track. 

Safety is another key component when racing an electric kart due to the absence of a large container of fuel either between your legs or wrapped somewhere around your body, greatly increasing the risk of fire and burn injuries in the event of a rough accident on the track.