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Things to Do in Birmingham

Out of all of the things to do in Birmingham, why not go to a place that is packed with fun-filled excitement and high-speed adventures? Imagine racing around an indoor track in a go-kart that hits speeds of up to 50 MPH. Bring a friend, the whole family, or even your entire workforce and enjoy a thrilling experience that you will not forget.


High-Speed Go-Karting Excitement

Just like the Autobahn in Germany, there are no speed limits on the Autobahn Indoor Speedway. Go as fast as you can on our strategically engineered race track and have the time of your life while you are at it.

We are not kidding when we say that our go-karts can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Learn how to ease into the turns of the track, and accelerate your way out of them. Our Italian-made state-of-the-art go-karts are built for speed and safety. The go-karts have built-in transponders that help to slow the kart down in the event of an emergency, and four-point racing harnesses to keep passengers safely in their seats.

You don’t have to be a grown-up to enjoy the high-speed go-karting race track at Autobahn Indoor Speedway. All you have to do is be no younger than 8 years old and at least 48 inches tall. We have specially designed junior karts that are equipped with high-quality safety seat belts, auto shutoff capabilities, and roll bars. Kids can have fun and go as fast but be safe the whole time.

go-karting tips for racers
go-karting tips for racers

Full Facility Rental

One of the best things about the Autobahn Indoor Speedway is that you can have the whole place to yourself and your party of people. We close our doors to the public and allow you to have the entire facility without any distractions from the outside world.

Imagine hosting your epic party in a gigantic facility with tons of room, axe throwing contests, and high-speed go-kart racing. Without anybody else but your guests to enjoy it with you.

Axe Throwing Fun

If you have not felt what a delight it is to throw a bulls-eye with an axe, you are missing out. Whether you come in as a walk-in, or you make a reservation online you and your guests will be provided everything necessary in order to successfully throw an axe and not hurt anybody in the process.

You will even have a friendly axe coach to guide you through the correct techniques and safety measures that are in place so that everybody that joins in on the party will have a great experience and walk away from it without the need for any bandages.

Learn how to up your game by different axe throwing techniques like underhanded and even double axe throwing with one in each hand.

man with target, axe throwing in Birmingham
man with target, axe throwing in Birmingham

Company Event Venue

Take a break from the hard work that you and your colleagues do every day and come join us for some exhilarating corporate fun. If you are looking for the perfect place to bring your whole crew and do some team building, look no further…we have you covered.

We have hosted literally thousands of events including company outings, sales meetings, VIP events, open houses, holiday parties, themed events, fully catered events, seminars, and even product launches.

We have the experience, plenty of room, and tons of fun that just about anybody could enjoy. Book an event today!


We have great specials and deals happening all of the time, one of the favorites is our Ladies Night on Fridays after 6:00 PM. Ladies come to join us for some high-speed racing and enjoy $10 off only of our race packages, or $5 off of single races.

We also have our 8-Race Package where you can buy 8 races for under $100. This includes a free license and a hat or a shirt. The deal automatically saves you $75. Since the races never expire, you have nothing to lose because you can come back anytime and use your races.

Come on Out!

We have good times for you to enjoy! High-speed exhilarating go-kart races, warrior-style axe throwing, and tons of fun for the whole family. If you want to build some memories that will last a lifetime you can either walk right in, or make a reservation. Why wait? Visit us today!