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Autobahn Social Events

May 19, 2022

Life is a party when you get to go fast. Fun is something too good to not be shared. At Autobahn, we live by the motto, “Think young. Have fun.” This means we believe that the more fun you can have, especially with others, the better. Now, think of the last time you were part […]

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Destination of Fun

Mar 28, 2022

Fun is everywhere. It’s around the world, and just around the corner. As human beings, we’re always looking for that next fun thing, which is all good as long as we don’t miss the fun that’s right in front of us, right now. If there’s anything these past two years have taught us, it’s that […]

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March Gladness

Mar 3, 2022

March Sadness Can Be Turned Into March Gladness Every year, we subject ourselves to the same agony, which is why it’s known as “March Madness.” Consider that for a moment. There are 64 clubs and 63 fan bases that will be disappointed. Only one player ultimately wins. Oh, and the misery grows exponentially as your […]

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Find Your Fast

Jan 19, 2022

Racing brings out the most competitive impulses any of us will ever experience. That relentless drive to finish first and finish fastest can become so obsessive that many of us can get so caught up in the rush that we miss the chance to slow down, take a breath, and peel off laps with more […]

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Play to Win

Dec 22, 2021

Play To Win – In Life And In Everything You Do At Autobahn, our motto is “Play to Win.” And it’s not just about trying hard to finish first. We believe that fun is not simply about winning and losing. Playing is winning, and winning is playing.  They say if you love what you do, […]

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Family FUN

Nov 22, 2021

Experience all the family fun of the Great Indoors. Nothing brings a family together faster than fun. The only problem is that grandma’s idea of fun may be a lot different than your kids’ sense of fun.  Think about it. You could get everyone together for a meal, but not everyone agrees on what kind […]

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Why Few Things Promote Company Direction As Much As Driving A Kart Blindfolded

Oct 12, 2021

Of all the legendary team-building activities at Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events, few are as memorable as the blindfolded karting challenge.  On the surface, it may sound a little crazy. Don’t worry, though. It’s all done at a super-slow speed as a blindfolded driver tries to navigate his or her way around a serpentine track […]

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A Day of Karting Can Make Every Student A Fast Learner

Sep 28, 2021

Sometimes, students learn the most memorable lessons when they forget someone is teaching. As educators, we’re always looking for new ways to achieve those “lightbulb moments” that set off chain reactions of insights, realizations, and quests for more discoveries. There’s a time to get the class out of the classroom and into the world where […]

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A Great Place To Work Is A Great Place To Play

Sep 8, 2021

We admire great companies. And we believe that all the best, most creative, and inspiring organizations put their people first. That’s because if you put your people first, they will put your customers first. It doesn’t really matter what business you’re in — from high-tech industry to high-touch service. Even if you’re in automation, large-scale […]

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