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Things to Do in Dulles

One of the most exciting things to do in Dulles is to visit the Autohabn Indoor Speedway. Experience the full-throttle, high-energy, indoor go-kart raceway that has no speed limit. You can come by yourself, with a friend, or with an entire workforce. When you’re not out on the track you can enjoy the adventure-packed video game arcade chock full of your favorite classic games, and some high-tech new ones as well. If you are looking for something awesome to do, you have found it!


Super Fast High-Speed Go-Karts

Our unique, Italian-made racing go-karts can travel at speeds of up to 50 MPH! If you have enough skills to be able to handle the go-kart at top speeds, it will take you there. Full throttle, pedal to the metal, exhilarating fun.

Learn how to maneuver the kart around hairpin turns and short straightaways by slowing into the turns, then blazing out of them. Feel that high-speed rush as you accelerate and the energy from the electric ambiance of the speedway makes your heart race.

Worried about safety? Don’t be. You will be provided a helmet and all of the appropriate safety gear that you will need in case anything goes wrong. Each car is equipped with a professional four-point racing harness and an electronic transponder for remotely controlling the kart in the case of an emergency. The rear differential of the go-karts allows for superior handling around turns and corners.

go-karting tips for racers
go-karting tips for racers

Family Fun Arcade & Tons of Video Games

In between your races you can head over to the incredible arcade that is loaded with some of the best video games on the planet. We have a collection of vintage favorites from back in the early days of video games that everybody can appreciate. We also have some of the latest technological wonders and high-tech video games available anywhere.

Our family-friendly arcade allows you to compete with your friends and other people for all kinds of prizes. You can walk away from the games a winner with some cool stuff to take home. How much better of a time could you ask for?

Barbarian Style Axe Throwing

Nobody really knows where the sport of axe throwing originated, but virtually everybody that has tried it agrees that it is absolutely captivating. Imagine throwing an axe full force into a bulls-eye target. Throwing darts is one thing, but yielding a wooden-handled axe like an old-time barbarian is a whole other level of fun.

If you are concerned about people everywhere throwing sharp axes, don’t be. Our crew has you covered. You actually get your own axe throwing coach to show you the safe way to chuck axes and make bulls-eyes.

You will in an enclosed cage made out of strong chain links that will not allow an axe to pass and hurt anybody. Feel free to throw your axes overhand, underhand, or even double-handed and compete with your friends.

man with target, axe throwing in Birmingham

Company Party & Event Venue

Nothing beats a party where everybody can race go-karts, play video games, and have a blast. We host birthday parties, wedding celebrations, holiday parties, corporate fundraisers, team-building events, and countless other exhilarating fun times.

If you are searching for a  unique and fun way to have an epic party or business get together, book an event and have the party of the century.

man with target, axe throwing in Birmingham

Rent the Full Facility

Just imagine the kind of fun and excitement you could have if you were able to have the entire facility shut down to the public so that you and your patrons could enjoy go-kart racing, axe throwing, and play non-stop video games. 

At the Dulles Autobahn Indoor Speedway facility, it is entirely possible to have the whole place to yourself for a little while and enjoy a little slice of high-velocity heaven.

The facility is large enough to accommodate literally hundreds of people and allow every single one of them to have a spectacular time. Learn how to rent the full facility and have the experience of a lifetime.

Ongoing Specials and Deals

Of course, we have ongoing specials and deals for the people that love our high-speed facility. For example, every Friday night after 6:00 PM we have our special Ladies Night deal. The ladies can enjoy $10 off of race packages or $5 off of single races.  

Another exciting deal that we love to give to our friends is that you can buy an 8-Race package for $99.99. This is an automatic savings of $75.00! The great thing about it is that the races never expire so you can buy in bulk, and come back later on for special times.

Come and Experience Our Phenomenal Facility

Discover the thrilling excitement of high-speed indoor go-kart racing. If you have not tried it yet, don’t wait any longer. We are ready to show you the time of your life. Walk-ins are available, but we highly recommend that you make a reservation. Don’t think too hard about it, just come in and try it. You’ll see how much fun you have been missing out on.