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Things to Do in Harrisburg

Towards the top of the list of the most exciting things to do in Harrisburg, is speeding full throttle up to 50 MPH in a high-end go-kart on an indoor track. Feel your adrenaline skyrocket as you blaze around our specially designed raceway at maximum speeds. You can come by yourself, bring a friend, or bring a whole bunch of friends. Come out and have the time of your life in our high-energy fast-paced family-friendly location.


High-Speed Go-Karting

Autobahn Indoor Speedway is a unique experience that just about everybody can appreciate. Our super-fast go-karts are high-end vehicles that were made in Italy with the intention of speed and safety in mind.

Imagine driving a little go-kart around an indoor track at 50 miles per hour! The electric motors on the karts deliver nearly instant acceleration when you push the pedal down. Each kart is equipped with a high-end rear differential so that you can take the corners smoothly at high speeds making it easy to go lightning fast like a pro.

go-karting tips for racers
go-karting tips for racers

Junior Go-Karting

There is no reason why kids should not be able to have fun too! All you have to be is at least 8 years old and no shorter than 49 inches tall. With the permission of a parent or guardian, kids can race around the track, and not even need a driver’s license.

The go-karts have built-in safety features so that the parents don’t have to worry. Each go-kart has a roll bar for safety, a radio-controlled transponder so that they can be stopped remotely in case of an emergency, and a professional four-point safety racing harness.

Let them get a taste of how to drive so when they do get their driving permit, you won’t be too scared to let them drive you around!

Savage Axe Throwing

Over the last few years, the sport of axe throwing has gotten quite a bit more popular. It turns out that throwing a sharp axe at a piece of wood is actually a lot of fun. Especially when you get good at it.

Why take your date out to a movie, or somewhere boring? Bring them somewhere that they can get some adrenaline pumping and blow off a little steam too.

Each party of axe throwers will get their own axe coach to teach them how to safely and accurately throw an axe without hurting anybody.

You can throw overhanded, underhanded, or even two at a time with both hands!  Your axe coach can help to facilitate contests, games, and even team-building strategies for corporate events.

man with target, axe throwing in Birmingham
man with target, axe throwing in Birmingham

Over-the-Top Party Place and Company Event Venue

When you have a facility like the Autobahn Indoor Speedway at your disposal, there is no reason to settle for a lesser venue. Why throw a regular party or event when you have the ability to host an over-the-top party with high-speed racing, axe throwing, and high-quality catering?

We have helped thousands of customers throw amazing parties and unforgettable corporate events. Birthdays, holidays, promotions, retirements, graduations, you name it! We can accommodate you and let you throw the party of a lifetime.

Rent the Entire Facility

For that extra special party or event, you can rent the entire 40,000 square feet of space that our facility has to offer. When you make a reservation for a full facility rental we save the date and shut down the whole place just for you. Only people that are part of your event will be able to come inside. The entire building will be closed to the public, just for you.

What better way to shake things up and have an epic time? The whole speedway and the axe throwing areas will be yours to use for the entire slot of your time.

Specials and Savings

We always have specials and savings going on for our people. In fact, every Friday night after 6 PM, except on holidays, we have a Ladies’ Night! All of the ladies can save $10 off racing packages, or $5 off of single races.

Another great deal that we love to offer our customers is our 8-Race package. When you buy 8 races you automatically save $75! The great thing about our race packages is that you can use them any time you want to because they never expire. Come in and use up all 8 races at once, or save the ones you have for a rainy day. Either way, it is $75 less than you would normally pay.

Your Invitation Stands

Whether it is your first time at our facility, or you have been coming for years you are welcome to come over and have some highly energized fun with all of your friends. Although walk-ins are acceptable, there is no guarantee that there will be any room for you. Make a reservation and get the party started right now.