Common Questions

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  • League
    • How can I sign up for league?
      You can sign up here for our Karting League or here for our Axe Throwing League.

    • How do I make it to the American E-Kart Championship (AEKC) playoffs?
      You will earn playoff points based on how you finish in all competition events including leagues and endurance events.  After the summer league season, we will invite the top 10 participants to compete in a playoff event to determine who will be the local champion and participate in the finals.  The more events you participate in, the more opportunities you have to earn points! The top two local racers with the highest Proskill ranking as of the playoff date will also receive “wild card” entry into the playoffs.

    • How long are the Leagues?
      Our Leagues are 6-8 weeks long and occur 3-4 times per year. We also welcome all skill levels!

    • I’m a new racer, can I join the League at any time?
      You may join a league at any point up until the halfway mark of the season. Week 5 of racing we will lock out the field to ensure a fair conclusion to the season.

    • In addition to the League Entry Fee are there any other fees?
      Whether you take advantage of the early bird special or the split payment option there are NO additional fees. Once you pay, you only have to show up, we provide everything else you need.  An additional benefit of being a league member is discounted practice races through league seasons.  Also, each League night up to two warm-up heats will be run prior to the drivers meeting. Racers that arrive early can jump in these heats at no charge and get the blood flowing before racing for the night begins.

    • Is all the racing for league at my location until the American E-Kart Championship?
      Yes, all racing up until the championship weekend will be done at the location you register for. In addition to 8 week league seasons we also offer Endurance Races at which you can earn playoff qualifying points.  Each Track Champion will then move onto the AEKC National Championship to compete for the $10,000 grand prize!

    • Is league a good value for the money?
      Yes! In fact, each year we look for new ways to add value to our league program which means our leagues continue to be the absolute BEST value for our most passionate racers.  Here are all of the things included:

      • Meet & Greet racing and food free when you join league ($35 value) 
      • Discounted practice races (3 for $33) during the entire 8 week league season ($136+ value)
      • Free exclusive league T-shirts:   ($15 value)
      • 3 Grid Start Racing Heats x 8 Weeks ($496 value)
      • Post League Celebration Night racing and food:  ($50 value)
      • Top 3 finishers receive prizes: (up to $550 value)
      • Award for Best Rookie & Most Improved: (up to $75 value)

      This works out to a total value of up to $1357!  ($732+ value even if you win no prizes)

      PLUS you also get:

      • The eligibility  to compete for $10,000 American E-Kart Championship Nationals
      • Access to exclusive league member only events year round 
      • Access to league member Facebook group where promotions and exclusive deals are posted before anywhere else
      • Option to save an additional $50 with our Early Bird pricing.

      AND, the greatest value of all: You will be joining a like minded community committed to helping each other be their best while having fun and creating lifelong memories and friendships!

    • What do I get?
      Access to a league member only 3 races for $33 promotion during entire league season, free entry to the Meet & Greet, fantastic prizes and awards!

    • What if I can’t make it all 8 weeks?
      Our league seasons all allow one drop week.  We will drop your lowest score so if you miss one week you will still be able to compete for the win

    • What if we are running late?
      Contact the track ASAP and let your competition director know that you are on your way. We will move you to the last heat in Qualifying if you are not here in time for this heat, unfortunately, you would not be able that night.

    • What is the format? Is it strictly timed racing or is it real, side by side racing for the league?
      You will start each week with a short drivers meeting, then head to the track for Round 1 – Qualifying. Each driver completes a single qualifying session, like every other race you’ve done at AIS – for time. Then we run two position based races complete with a formation lap and setting up on the grid! First, qualifying times set the grid for Round 2 – Heat Races and drivers earn points(up to 50) based on where they finish. Then, the best lap time from Round 1 OR 2 for each driver is used to set the grid for Round 3 – Feature Races.

  • STEM Field Trips

    • Are the field trips academically aligned?
      The Autobahn Indoor Speedway STEM Academy is a field trip based curriculum developed by highly experienced STEM educators. This Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned curriculum will give your 3rd through 12th grade students not only a hands-on driving experience, but also an entertaining way to enhance learning. Students will participate and learn about the multiple subject areas involved in racing and how they relate to each other.

    • How can I plan a field trip to Autobahn?
      You can speak with a dedicated Event Specialist to help plan your trip. They will walk you through how our field trips work and provide you with everything you need. Our Event Specialists can be reached at 866-778-7223.

  • Waivers

    • Can an accompanying adult other than the parent sign a waiver form for minors?
      The waiver must be completed by the minor’s parent or legal guardian. The form is electronic and only takes a moment to complete. Once they have completed the form, they only need to complete the verification in their email.

    • Can the location look up a waiver form that a parent filled out online?
      Yes, all locations are able to locate completed waivers,

    • Is there a way for us to check if a waiver was completed electronically?
      If you completed the waiver electronically, you should have received an email confirming your waiver. If you have not received an email, please check your spam box.

    • Where is the public waiver for minors?
  • Gift Cards

    • Can I use my gift card at any location?
      Yes, you can use your gift card at any of our locations.

    • Do gift cards ever expire?
      No, our gift cards will never expire.

    • Where can I buy a gift card?
      You can stop in any of our locations to purchase a physical gift card or you can purchase a digital gift card online here.

    • Where can I find the gift card terms and conditions?
      Our gift card terms and conditions can be found here. Please note that only digital gift cards can be used towards reservations.

  • Events

    • Can you rent the entire facility?
      Renting our entire facility is the best way to provide a premium experience. Closing Autobahn from the public for your event enables your group to enjoy unlimited racing and complete access without having to experience the distraction that come with day-to-day operations. Perfect for large groups ready to race like the pros. Our Event Specialists are available to assist you at 866-778-7223.

    • Do you offer catering?
      We do not offer catering, but welcome guests to make catering arrangements for any event they are holding with us.

    • How can I plan an event at Autobahn?
      You can speak with a dedicated Event Specialist to help plan your party and provide you with everything you need. Our Event Specialists can be reached at 866-778-7223. You can also submit a request for a social event here or for a company outing here.

    • What kind of team building events do you offer?
      We offer Blindfold Challenge, Pit Crew Challenge, Soccer Ball Challenge, and Grand Prix formats. These popular options are sure to bring your team together. We also offer meeting rooms to host a small remote work session or allow your team to gather for organized catering options.

  • Reservations

    • Can a reservation have food delivered or bring food into the facility?
      We welcome guests to bring food or make delivery arrangements during their visit.

    • Can coupons be used on reservations?
      No, coupons cannot be used towards reservations, they can only be redeemed as walk-ins.

    • Can gift cards be used towards reservations?
      Digital gift cards can be used towards reservations. Please dial 866-778-7223 and press #1 or visit https://autobahnspeed.com/harrisburg/reservations.

    • Can juniors and adults be booked under the same reservation?
      No, the reservations will need to be split due to the age range. You can either make two separate reservations for times near each other or reach out to our Event Specialists at 866-778-7223 and they can assist you in making a split reservation.

    • Can races on my account be used towards reservations?
      At the moment, we are not offering this option but you are able to walk-in and use your races.

    • Can you avoid the 8% booking fee by booking over the phone?
      Unfortuantely, whether you book online or with an Event Specialist, the 8% reservation fee will still be applied.

    • Can you make a reservation over the phone?
      We cannot take payments over the phone. If you do not want to book your reservation online, you can be transferred to the next available salesperson and they will be able to set up the reservation for you. They will have to send you a document that you will sign and pay for the reservation electronically. Same day reservations can only be made online.

    • Do we require full payment for reservations?
      Reservations require a full non-refundable payment.

    • How do I apply military discount to a reservation?
      Unfortunatley, the military discount cannot be applied through our online reservation system. Please call 866-778-7223 so they book the reservation for you with the military discount applied. ID must be shown at time of check in.

    • How many people do you need to book a reservation?
      Minimum of 1 person for racing, minimum of 2 people for axe throwing. Axe Throwing minimums may be higher during slower periods at some locations.

    • I booked a private reservation for 6 guests. I did not know private was paying for 10 guests. Can I change it to shared?
      Unfortunately, it cannot be changed. All payments are final. However, you are able to add additional participants (up to 10 total) without any additional reservations or charge.

    • I made a reservation for the wrong location, can you fix that?
      Yes! Please call (717) 695-4000 to get this started. We will just need some information from you to complete the location transfer (booking number and the location you originally wanted). Please note that based on availability at your preferred location that adjustments may need to be made to check-in time and/or pricing.

    • I tried to make a reservation online, but the website isn't loading the times availabe for the day I chose
      You may be clicking on a package that isn’t available for that day. If you fill the filter section out, it will give you packages that are for that specific day..

    • Where can you make a reservation?
  • Axe Throwing

    • Can I just Axe Throw for one hour?
      Our axe sesssion are 1.5 hours long. If you do not want to stay for the 1.5 hours you can stop at any point. This time is set to accommodate a full lane of throwers (up to 16 people). No refunds or credits will be given if you leave the axe session early.

    • Do I need a reservation or can I just walk in?
      We try our best to accommodate walk-in service when we can, but sometimes reservations are best. Walk-in space for axe throwing is subject to availability based on reservations. Final axe sessions begin 2 hours prior to closing daily.

    • Do you provide all of the equipment?
      Yes, we provide everything you need to throw axes, including loaner shoes if needed.

    • Does the adult have to participate in axe throwing if there is a minor?
      Yes, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult in order to do axe throwing. We require one adult for every 4 minors.

    • How can I book an Axe Throwing event?
      You can reach a dedicated Event Specialist at 866-778-7223 or you can submit a request form here.

    • How long does it take?
      Each session is 1.5 hours, but we do ask groups to arrive 30 minutes prior to get checked in to ensure we begin on time.

    • Is BYOB allowed for Axe Throwing?
      Beer and wine are allowed to be brought in, in a cooler for axe throwing. A maximum of 2 drinks are allowed per person in order to continue to participate in any activities.

    • What are the age requirements?
      You must be at least 18 years old to participate in axe throwing, or 13 years old with a participating adult. Partipants under 18 years of age must have their parent or guardian complete and sign THIS WAIVER and complete the confirmation email for their child to participate if they will not be present. One adult is required to be present for every 4 minors.

    • What can I expect from a public axe throwing session?
      Axe throwing sessions are 1.5 hours in total time. When participating on a public axe lane, you will potentially be throwing on a full lane, which is 16 people. For guests wanting to maximize their time, they can purchase a private lane for a flat rate with an 8% reservation fee (minimum number of participants required to book during the week when it is typically slower).

    • Will someone show us how to throw axes?
      Yes, our friendly axe coaches will be with you the entire time to teach everyone the proper way to throw axes.

  • Karting

    • Can races on my account be used towards reservations?
      At the moment, we are not offering this option but you are able to walk-in and use your races.

    • Do I need to make a reservation or can I just walk in?
      Reservations are not required, but we highly recommend them. Especially on weekends, holidays and for large groups. You can make a reservation online that way when your group arrives there are no long wait times to get on the track!

    • Do you have two seater karts?
      All of our karts are single seats. You must meet both the age and height requirements, as well as safely reach the pedals in order to race.

    • Does a parent have to be present the child's first time racing?
      No. The parent or guardian for that child would just need to complete an online safety waiver and confirmation email, however all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult while at the facility.

    • How fast do your karts go?
      Our Italian-made electric Pro Karts are capable of speeds up to 50 MPH! For ages 8 to 12, our Junior Karts max out around 25 MPH.

    • How long are the races?
      Pro Kart races are 12 laps and Junior races are 5 minutes.

    • Is it safe?
      Safety is our number one priority! We supply every racer with a DOT-approved helmet. Every kart is equipped with a safety harness and a roll bar. Our tracks are professionally designed to maximize speed and safety, and are accompanied by “reflexive” barrier systems. Anyone driving recklessly will be removed from the race. We also have the ability to stop all of the karts remotely, if needed, with the touch of a button. (Do not race if you have medical conditions including seizures, heart, or back issues, or if you are pregnant. Consult your doctor if you are unsure if it is safe for you to race),

    • What are the age & height requirements?
      For our Junior Karts, the minimum age and height requirement is at least 8 years old and at least 48 inches tall. Racers must be able to safely reach the pedals in order to race. For our Pro Karts, the minimum age and height requirement is at least 13 years old and at least 56 inches tall. Racers under 18 must have THIS WAIVER completed by a parent or legal guardian for their child to be able to race (or must be present to sign the waiver in person) and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. For safety reasons, all racers’ helmets must sit beneath the roll bar in order to race.

    • What is the Annual Speedway License for?
      Your Annual Speedway License provides you with many benefits. A week before your birthday, we will email you a voucher for a FREE race (a $27+ value)! This voucher can also be used toward a race package of your choice. If you are 13 years of age or older, you will instead receive a voucher for a FREE axe throwing session (a $30+ value)! When you pay for your Speedway License you will also receive your own race mask (a $5 value). It also includes free use of our helmets, lockers, and loaner shoes. In addition, it activates your online account where you can save unused races for future use and stores all of your stats and scoring. You must be opted into emails in order to receive your FREE birthday vouchers and access online scoring and stats,

  • General

    • Am I required to take a photo for my profile?
      For safety and insurance reasons, a photograph is required for all participants. If you do not want a photograph on your account, you must provide your photo ID to our Guest Experience team members at check in for account verification in our system. This allows our team to ensure that correct person is present for activities, and protects your account. Photographs are for internal use only and are not shared with any third parties.

    • Can customers walk-in?
      Walk-in guests are welcome. However, we highly recommend reservations, especially on weekends, holidays, and any time schools are closed, as those are our busiest times. We cannot guarantee wait times for walk-in guests, and occasionally we are closed for private events. We always do our best to accommodate walk-in guests, but sometimes reservations are best.

    • Can I bring a cake into the building?
      We love to celebrate and have fun! Cakes are always welcome to help you celebrate your special occassion. If you are interested in learning more about hosting a party with us, including a private or semi-private space to enjoy your celebration, please reach out to one of our Event Specialists at 866-778-7223. You can also submit a request for your event here.

    • Can online promos and specials be redeemed as walk-in?
      Online promos and specials must be reserved in advance online as they are limited availability.

    • Can the multi-race packages be split between a group?
      All of our packages are per person and cannot be split between a group. The more races you buy, the more you save, and race credits never expire!

    • Can you race if you're pregnant?
      DO NOT RACE if you are pregnant or have medical issues including seizures, neck, back, or heart problems.

    • Do I need any equipment to race?
      No, we provide everything you need to just arrive and drive. Equipment is covered by your Annual Speedway License for an entire year. If you have your own full face DOT approved helmet, you may use it while racing.

    • Do you accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet?

    • Do you need closed toed shoes?
      Closed toed shoes are required for participants who will be racing and/or axe throwing. Loaner shoes are available if needed and covered by the cost of your license.

    • Is there a fee to enter the facility as a spectator?
      Watching the fun and the action is always free of charge!

    • Is there a minimum age for entering the facility?
      There is no age limit for entering the facility. However, children do need to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

    • What are your hours?
      Monday through Thursday 11am to 10 pm, Friday 11am to 12am, Saturday 10am to 12am, Sunday 10am to 10pm. Holiday hours vary.

    • What is the address to your location?
      1001 Bosler Avenue, Old Susquehanna Sports Building, Lemoyne, PA 17043.

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