When is the last time you had an unforgettable family night out?

It’s the perfect way to catch up with the kids after a long, hectic week of what seems like endless running around. While we all love grabbing some popcorn and watching a movie with the kids, why not try something a little more exciting?

When you have a schedule as busy as yours, planning a new activity for a family night out can be the last thing on your mind – but don’t worry, we can help you out!

How to plan the perfect family night out at Autobahn

Pick a Day

Between the kids’ after-school activities and your work schedule, it can be hard to find a day that works for everyone. At Autobahn, you don’t have to worry about reserving a spot. We know that life gets busy, and most of the time you’re driving in the fast lane. All you have to do is arrive and drive. Be sure to check out your location before you pick a day. We offer lots of deals and specials throughout the week, so that might help you choose when you head over to the track!

Come Prepared

Nobody likes having to wait around, especially the kids. At Autobahn, we do have a few rules so that your family night out is just as safe as it is fun but get set with those ahead of time so when you come in you can jump right into the good stuff. Before you come in, make sure that everyone is dressed appropriately – that means no loose-fitting clothing or open toe shoes. Racers under 18 also have to have a parent or legal guardian fill out a waiver. Trust us, we hate paperwork as much as the next person, but our insurance company requires it.

Decide How Many Races You Want to Have

Whether you want to spend one hour or the whole day tearing up the track with your family, there’s a deal for you. Figure out how many chances you want at beating your kids, and pick your race package accordingly. And bonus, you can always add on more races! Each location offers plenty of race packages to give you the best deal. Plus, they never expire, meaning you have a good reason to come back again later! Find your location here and check out our regular deals.

Make it a Competition

Even though spending your next family night at the track is a surefire way to have a great night, you can always take it up an extra notch by making it a competition. We’re all about competition at Autobahn! Plus, it’s a great way for your kids to compete against one another in a positive way. The only thing they’ll be fighting about over here is the finish line.

Agree on What the Winner Gets

What’s some friendly competition without a little something on the line? As a family, agree on what’s in it for the racer who comes out on top. Whether it be one additional race, or picking what’s for dinner, it’ll be fun for everyone. Some races can be a really close call, but we have a fool-proof way to help you see who gets that #1 spot on the podium, so no cheating, Dad.

Next time your family night out rolls around, you’ll be all set to head on down to the track. We’ll warn you now though, your kids are going to be begging you for more! Besides, you’re probably going to want another crack at taking home that winner seat, too. Find a list of all of our locations here to get your family night out started.