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Safety & Flag Meanings.


"Bumping" and "Rough Driving" are terms applied to bumping or crashing into another racer or the barriers. The basic rule is "no contact." Good, competitive racing occasionally sees contact between competitors. However, this type of contact, especially if it happens multiple times, can still be considered a violation of the rules. Depending upon the incident, the staff will take the necessary action which may include a warning, reducing the speed of your kart for one lap or more or in cases of gross misconduct, ejection from the facility.

Safety Rules

On our tracks you will be experiencing real racing (not an amusement ride).  DO NOT RACE if you are pregnant, or have medical issues including neck, back or heart problems.  It is very important that you pay attention to the flags and the Safety Rules to avoid accidents.

  • Minimum Height Requirements for Racers is 48” for Junior Karts and 56” for Adult Karts.
  • Racers must watch the safety video before racing.  If you have any questions about the safety video, please ask the staff.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to race-no exceptions.
  • Helmets must be worn while in Kart.  We will provide you with a helmet, race mask and optional neck protector.
  • For your safety long hair must be pulled back into a ponytail and open toe shoes are not allowed while racing.
  • Crashing or Bumping into Karts or barriers, or ‘blocking’ of other Karts is not allowed (even while attempting to pass).  The speed on an offender’s Kart will be reduced on or more laps. RACERS MUST COMPLY WITH INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE RACE MARSHALL AND PIT CREW. Repeat offenders may be ejected with no refund.
  • Do not press the gas pedal and brake pedal at the same time.  This will cause your Kart to shut down.
  • After your race, stay in your Kart until you are told that you may get up.

There is no speed limit at the Autobahn, but there are rules for everyone's safety.



Signals a warning or caution. In a race situation it usually indicates that there has been an accident or spin out. Drivers must slow down and approach with caution to pass the go karts that may be stopped on the track. No overtaking is permitted on a Caution Flag.



Signals the end of the race, practice or qualifying session.


Green Flag

Used to signal the start of a race.


White Flag

Used to indicate it's the last lap.


Blue & Orange Flag

This is one of the flags that novice and slower racers may see more often. It means that you need to allow the person behind you to safely pass you. If you are shown this flag, yield the racing line to the faster go karts that are approaching. It's important to keep an eye out and be cautious as to not cause an accident.


Black Flag

If you see this flag it is mostly because you are driving in a reckless manner. You must immediately discontinue the unsafe driving. Please see above for more information.


Red Flag

The race has stopped because of a potential emergency on the track. Stop immediately.