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Things to Do in Manassas

If you are looking for things to do in Manassas near the Washington DC area, you don’t have to look very far. Come join us for a high-speed fun-filled experience that will leave you breathless! Super-fast go-kart racing with speeds upwards of 50 MPH over a twisty curvy track. Warrior-style axe throwing with real wooden-handled axes that are sharpened to a razor’s edge. These are only part of the whole speedway adventure that is fun for people of all ages, and groups of all sizes.


High-Velocity Go-Kart Speedway

You can’t beat the high energy of our super-fast go-karting speedway. When we say that our go-karts can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, we are not joking. These Italian-made, state-of-the-art racing machines were built for speed and safety. Barreling around the corners at tip-top speed is enough to get your heart racing and your whole body pumped for action.

Learn how to master the curves and turns of the speedway by watching the pros do it. Ease into the turns by letting off of the gas just a little, then blast your way out of the turns and hit the straightaways like a full-throttle funny car.

Each go-kart is equipped with eclectic motors that deliver almost instant acceleration, dual disk brakes for top-quality braking so you can stop on a dime and a rear differential that will allow you to hit the corners at high speeds and smoothly round them like a champion.

go-karting tips for racers
go-karting tips for racers

Go-Karting for Juniors

We don’t want to leave the young people out of the fun. Kids 8 years old and up that are at least 48 inches tall are welcome to join in on the fun too. They can learn to drive with the best.

All of the go-karts are specially designed in order to provide maximum safety for all drivers. The karts have their own professional four-point safety racing harness, a remotely controlled backup braking system, and a strong rollbar to keep everybody safe. In addition to the built-in safety devices on the karts, each driver will have a helmet and other protective gear that will keep them safe in the case of an emergency.

Razor Edged Axe Throwing

One of the most popular up-and-coming sports is axe throwing. There is something that is extremely satisfying about chucking a razor-sharp axe at a target and hitting a bulls-eye. Since you hold the axe by its wooden handle when you throw it, you have to get it just right or it won’t even stick to the target. Once you get it right, though…there will be no stopping you.

Since most people are new to axe throwing Autobahn Speedway will provide your party with its very own axe coach that will show you how to throw the axe effectively and safely.

You can learn how to throw an axe over the head, underhanded and even throw two at one time with both hands. This is an unbeatable experience that can be fun for the whole family or workforce.

man with target, axe throwing in Birmingham
man with target, axe throwing in Birmingham

Group Parties and Company-Wide Events

If you are seeking the ideal place to throw that epic party or phenomenal event, we have you covered. You can enjoy our gigantic facility to bring on the good times. We have the capacity to host parties and events that have hundreds of attendees. 

Bring your work crew out and give them some team-building experience on our racetracks. We can facilitate challenging contests and races – even a blindfolded race!

In addition to the go-karting experience, we can also accommodate team-building challenges and exciting axe throwing games.

Have the Place to Yourself

When you are ready to throw the event of a lifetime you can count on us to be there for you. Imagine being able to have every inch of the facility all to yourself for your private event. The whole place will be closed to the public and only your party will be allowed inside. 

Rent the whole racetrack, the axe throwing cages, and everything else and get some well-earned bragging rights to talk about for years to come. You can learn more and book an event right now if you want.

Good Times and Specials

We always have specials for the people that love our facility. Every Friday night after 6 PM we have our Ladies Night. This is where all of the ladies can save $10 off of racing packages, or $5 off of single races. Another great offer that we have for our beloved customers is our 8-Race Package. When you buy 8 races, you automatically save $75 off of the price per race. The amazing thing about this is that you can use the races at any time because they don’t expire. This way you can have a bunch of races ready to go whenever you feel the need for speed.

Your Invitation Stands

We invite you to come out and join us for a heart-pounding time full of thrills and high energy. Whether you race go-karts, throw axes, or just come here to hang out you will have a great time and get to feel the excitement of our speedway. Walk-ins are fine, but it is highly recommended that you make a reservation. Come today. Come tomorrow. We are ready to party.