Play To Win – In Life And In Everything You Do

At Autobahn, our motto is “Play to Win.” And it’s not just about trying hard to finish first. We believe that fun is not simply about winning and losing. Playing is winning, and winning is playing. 

They say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. It’s not hard to love what you do when your business is fun–not simply having it but sharing it with people of all ages and backgrounds, along with first-timers and veterans. The thrill of racing an open-air kart, throwing an axe, or simply losing yourself in a virtual world brings joy to almost anyone. 

Winning is arriving happy and leaving happier.

Our goal is to make sure that we are the highlight of your day, and that you leave happier than when you came in. Even more important, we hope that fun fuels the rest of your week and makes you want to share it with others.

Fun is simply appreciating the moment – no matter what you’re doing.

Chase Laps. Catch Fun.

We’re always looking for the next fun thing because play comes in many forms. While we will always offer Formula 1-inspired indoor racing and competitive axe throwing, we will continue to add new thrills and experiences. 

Coming soon are new VR and arcade games along with other surprises. Every trip to Autobahn offers something new–whether it’s achieving a new personal best or discovering an entirely new activity. 

Winning is having fun and making things fun for the people around you. We want our customers to win — to have magical experiences that create lasting memories. And we want our people to win — to advance in their careers and find their true joy. We want the teams that have events at our locations to leave as better, more cohesive and more collaborative. Winning is fun, and simply having fun is winning.

Playing Is Winning.

We’re more than axe throwing, team-building, parties, VR, arcade games, and karting. We’re a place to find your fun and hold onto it as long as you can. We’re a place where work is play. We play to win. 

Because simply playing is winning.