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Are you ready to take your racing to the


Race each week, become the best and test your skills while you make new friends and grow or rejuvenate your love of racing.


Hear it straight from the CHAMP himself. View the video below and find out how his life has changed since becoming the National ProSkill Champion in 2021.

ProSkill: What It Is, How It Works, Why You Should Care

ProSkill is the points-based ranking system that we use to rank racers at our facilities across the country. It allows racers to compete for best ProSkill on a location-by-location and nationwide basis. Also, just like in professional racing, everyone starts off the season with the same number of points.


ProSkill Season begins and ends on a Thursday in the second week of August of each year. All racers start the ProSkill Season with 1,200 ProSkill points.

ProSkill is a ‘weighted’ system that rewards you more for beating a racer with a higher ProSkill vs. a racer with a low ProSkill. What this means is that each time you race, the number of points you gain or lose depends on the ProSkill of the other racers in the race. The number of points that are awarded or lost is based on the skill (the ProSkill) of the other drivers to beat or lose.

250 Winners + Chance at $10K

Our competitive drive is strong and we want to get better every time we get out and race. The top 250 ProSkill racers from each location also get exclusive prizes! We will crown a ProSkill Champion at each location as well as a Champion of Champions for the top ProSkill in the country. The top two ProSkill racers in each location also get “wildcard” entry into the American E-Kart Championship playoffs with the opportunity to race for the $10,000 final round first prize!



Have you heard of Cameron Das, the young Formula 3 racer in Europe?  Did you know he started racing karts with us just a few short years ago when he was 13 years old?


After getting a series of Top 20 weekly times he joined one of our leagues, and as they say, “the rest is history”.


Cameron is on a path that could very well lead him to the pinnacle of open-wheel racing in IndyCar or Formula 1.  And, it all started with a visit to one of our locations. Some people might say: “that could never happen to me”.  And the sad thing is if they say that, they would probably be right because they would never try.


Cameron’s approach was different. He practiced and practiced, learned all he could, and became better and better along the way.  That is why he is “living the dream!”