Race Off Those Back To School Blues

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Things To Know

Other than one of our Italian-made, Formula 1-inspired prokarts, nothing goes by faster than summer. And getting back into the academic season can be stressful. We get it. It’s hard to trade in those long days for long exams and those late nights for early mornings.

All at once, it hits you like a ton of bricks or, should we say, books? Well, the good news is that just because there’s plenty of hard work and studying to do, there may be even more chances for fun. 

It’s a time to reconnect with friends, meet new ones, and discover new activities. And whether you live at home or on campus, there are so many great experiences to share. Of course, few things are as satisfying as learning something new, no matter how challenging.

Sometimes, the best way to meet a challenge is to take on a new one, and we’re not talking about signing up for Advanced Organic Chemistry. No, we’re talking about something where you have to be a really fast learner — thrilling, indoor, edge-of-your-seat (that’s moving up to 50 miles per hour), clean, indoor racing — that kind of challenge.

At Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events, you can race against your friends or your fastest time. While you’re here, you will also discover axe throwing, and all the VR and video games you need to give yourself a reward and your mind a breather.

Study Hard. Play Hard.

No matter how serious or skillful of a wheelman or wheelwoman you are, you will be hard-pressed to find anything that’s so fun and so good at relieving stress.

If it’s your first time in a kart, you will receive all the driving and safety instructions you need to get the most out of your first time around the track.

If you’ve never raced indoor, electric karts before, you will be amazed at how clean, quiet, and smooth they are, along with that instant acceleration gas karts could only dream of.

If you’re a serious racer already, you will find plenty of competition here whether you simply arrive and drive or join one of our leagues. In fact, you could even join a league to qualify for the American E-Kart Championship (AEKC), the national indoor karting competition that was featured on ESPN and is now on Amazon Prime. Many of our most competitive racers are in high school or college, and who knows? If you’re really good, maybe you win the AEKC $10,000 Championship prize. That would pay for a lot of e-books.

Regardless, you will leave here happier and less stressed than when you came in and will have a great time the whole time.


From Top Of The Class To Top Of The Podium.

Nothing travels faster than Instagram, which is why we will provide you with plenty of shareable moments for your phone, your friends, and your social media page. 

You see, even though the race may be a blur, the memory can last forever when there’s a photo of you on the podium, a personalized video of your race that you can slow down in all its glory, and other photos of your great day or evening. 

Of course, you are free to take all the best photos/videos of your friends while we make sure to capture plenty for you, all ready for you before you leave. If you post the fastest lap, everyone will know it here and on your social media feed. And no matter where you place, you will never leave anonymously. 

We take fun more seriously than anything — except safety.

Unleash Your Inner Beowulf.

Try America’s most cutting-edge sport once, and you’re hooked. That’s because there’s nothing quite like sticking an axe in the target, whether you throw one-hand, two-hand overhead, or that sneaky, Zen-like, let the axe do all the work, underhand.

Don’t be intimidated. Our axe-perts will have you hitting bullseyes in no time. You can even learn “The Braveheart,” where you throw two axes at two separate targets at the same time. Make sure you have a friend capture video of you in the event you hit two bullseyes on your first try. 

You’re going to have a hard time finding a better profile pic for quite some time.

Get Smarter With Video Games.

(Multiple University Studies Prove It.)

In addition to racing and axe throwing, you will find all the most recent and popular video games, along with the most immersive VR experiences.

So, school all your friends in DDR, Tekken, Giant Tetris, or whatever your game is to your heart’s content. Depending on the location, you may also find an exclusive VR game, such as Transformers: VR Battle Arena, Chaos Jump, or other just-released experiences you won’t find anywhere else close.

Multiple studies have shown that video games can improve critical thinking and social and leadership skills. You’d have a hard time finding a better theory to test or place to prove it all right.

So, in addition to leaving happier, you might just leave a little smarter, too.

Smart Students Rarely Miss Smart Deals.

While most of our best deals occur during weekdays or weeknights, you will occasionally find special offers good anytime. It really pays to keep up with us on Facebook or Instagram and join our email list so that you can be the first to take advantage of a great event or deal.

If you have the time on a weekday or weeknight, you may take advantage of any number of specials we offer. 

Nonetheless, there’s really no bad time to treat yourself, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of that big paper or exam.

Make This Year Your Best Year.

No matter what you do, enjoy every moment you’re in school. So much of what you are and what you will become is right here in this place, at this moment. You will likely meet some of your best friends, and your world is full of possibilities.

You will also learn so much about yourself and the people around you. You will also likely surprise yourself at what you are capable of doing.

There are so many lessons about life that you will learn inside and outside of class. Whether you visit us multiple times, just once, or never, have a great year.

And always, find your fun.

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