May your next event be filled with twists and turns.

At Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events, we believe party planners are rockstars. Whether it’s a birthday party, a corporate outing, a team building event, or a lock-in, you can always know that everyone’s going to have a great time, every time you bring a group here.

That’s because we have a great time helping everyone have a great time. Our motto is “Think young. Have Fun.” And it’s how we handle every social gathering here — no matter how big or small.

From the thrills of high speed indoor racing in Italian-made, Formula 1-inspired prokarts that can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour or the good, clean, cutting-edge fun of axe throwing or the latest arcade and VR games, everyone in your group will find his or her fun right here in the Great Indoors.

Our version of a “Life Coach” is a “Fun Coach.”

Booking a party, a corporate team-builder, or any other event is easy whether you call us or go to our online portal. The minute you contact us, we assign you a dedicated Team Member who will help you plan every last detail and build an unforgettable experience based on your specific group needs.

You will get regular updates, and we will set up everything before you arrive, so all you have to worry about is having fun and taking all the credit.

Once you arrive, our team will assist every guest with registration, conduct a complete safety briefing (After all, Safety has, and always will be, a core value at Autobahn), and help everyone enjoy every minute to the fullest.

For all the competitive racers, we record every single race and every single lap, giving instant feedback performance. In addition to all that data, our race coaches can make anyone a better racer. That’s a guarantee!

And everyone will get to share their results with everyone else, along with earning bragging rights.

The races may be a blur, but the memories may last forever.

We take tons of pictures and videos, so everyone in your party or team can relive the greatness and share it with you and anyone else on social media. Anyone who places in the top three will earn a glorious photo on the podium, and everyone will have plenty of photos and videos to share.

After all, moments become memories, especially when they make your heart race. Laps go by fast, but that feeling people get when they’re free and having fun is something they can carry with them wherever they go and share with the world.

It doesn’t have to be all fun and no work.

If you are planning a corporate event and need to do some business before you hit the track, you can take advantage of our large, ultra-modern Conference Room (or Conference Vroom) as we call it.

This multimedia-ready facility can handle more than 50 people and includes plenty of space for presentations and collaborations. There’s even a sound system, plenty of networking options, a large conference table, and, of course, tons of chairs.

You might just have your most productive meeting ever. After all, there’s no better place to make business fast and fun.

A ‘Great Place To Work’ is a great place to play.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events is a proud recipient of the “Great Place To WorkTM” certification. We take pride in making our space a fun place to work with plenty of advancement opportunities.

We put people in positions where they thrive and improve the customer experience. And no matter how fun our karts, our axe throwing, or our videogames may be, our greatest asset is our team of extraordinary people. We believe that the way we treat each other is the way we treat our customers.

We’re having a great time, and so will you.

Exhilaration is meant to be shared.

When you’re ready for your next event, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We will make sure everyone has a great time that he or she will never forget. Even though our racing, axe throwing, and video entertainment centers are about the size of two football fields or more, they aren’t big enough to contain all the fun your group will have here.

And in the end, the real winner will be the person who planned it.