On our tracks, you will be experiencing real racing (not an amusement ride). DO NOT RACE if you are pregnant or have medical issues, including neck, back, or heart problems. To avoid accidents, you must pay attention to the flags and the Safety Rules.

The speed on an offender’s Kart will be reduced one or more laps. RACERS MUST COMPLY WITH INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE RACE MARSHAL AND PIT CREW. Repeat offenders may be ejected with no refund.

Height Requirements

Minimum Height Requirements for racers is 48″ for Junior Karts and 56″ for Pro Karts.

Safety Video

Racers must watch the safety video before racing. If you have any questions about the safety video, please ask the staff.

No Drinking

Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to race, no exceptions.

Helmet Safety

Helmets must be worn while in Kart. We will provide you with a helmet, head sock and optional neck protector.

Hair Safety

For your safety, long hair must be pulled back into a ponytail and open toe shoes are not allowed while racing.

No Bumping

Crashing or Bumping into Karts or barriers, or ‘blocking’ of other Karts is not allowed (even while attempting to pass). 

Pedal Control

Do not press the gas pedal and brake pedal at the same time. This will cause your Kart to shut down.

Stay in your Kart

After your race, stay in your Kart until you are told that you may get up.

Before Racing, you will be required to watch a safety video

Racing, Flags

and Rules

“Bumping” and “Rough Driving” are terms applied to bumping or crashing into another racer or the barriers. The basic rule is “no contact.” Reasonable, competitive racing occasionally sees contact between competitors. However, this type of contact, especially if it happens multiple times, can still be considered a violation of the rules. Depending upon the incident, the staff will take the necessary action, which may include a warning, reducing the speed of your kart for one lap or more, or in cases of gross misconduct, ejection from the facility.


Used to signal the start of a race.


This is one of the flags that novice and slower racers may see more often. It means you must allow the person behind you to pass you safely. If you are shown this flag, yield the racing line to the faster go-karts approaching. It’s essential to keep an eye out and be cautious so as not to cause an accident.


Signals a warning or caution. In a race situation, it usually indicates that there has been an accident or spin-out. Drivers must slow down and approach cautiously to pass the go-karts that may be stopped on the track. No overtaking is permitted on a Caution Flag.


Signals the end of the race, practice, or qualifying session.


If you see this flag, it is mainly because you are driving recklessly. You must immediately discontinue unsafe driving. Please see the above for more information.


What are the age & height requirements?

For our Junior Karts, the minimum age and height requirement is at least 8 years old and at least 48 inches tall. Racers must be able to safely reach the pedals in order to race. For our Pro Karts, the minimum age and height requirement is at least 13 years old and at least 56 inches tall. Racers under 18 must have THIS WAIVER completed for their child to be able to race (or must be present to sign the waiver in person) and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times

What is the Speedway License for?

Your Annual Speedway License provides you with many benefits. A week before your birthday, we will email you a voucher for a FREE race (a $27+ value)! This voucher can also be used toward a race package of your choice. If you are 13 years of age or older, you will instead receive a voucher for a FREE axe throwing session (a $30+ value)! When you pay for your Speedway License you will also receive your own race mask (a $5 value). It also includes free use of our helmets, lockers, and loaner shoes. In addition, it activates your online account where you can save unused races for future use and stores all of your stats and scoring. You must be opted into emails in order to receive your FREE birthday vouchers and access online scoring and stats.

Do you have 2 seater karts?

All of our karts are single seats. You must meet both the age and height requirements, as well as safely reach the pedals in order to race


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