Where everybody knows your game.

It’s all about you every time you come to Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events.

Whether you are into the thrills of high-speed indoor racing in Italian-made, Formula 1-inspired pro karts that can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour or the good, clean, cutting edge fun of axe throwing or the latest arcade and VR games, you will “find your fun” right here.

“Think Young. Have Fun.” That’s a core value that drives everything we do. And making it fun means making it fun for you on your terms. That’s why we offer so many personalized experiences — opportunities to remember and share a great moment and chances to get better every single time you visit.

Find your line with personalized race results.

We record every single race and every single lap, giving you instant feedback on your performance. In addition to all that data, our race coaches can help you find a better line and become a better racer. You will get a better idea of where to brake, where to hit the turn, and how to come out faster than ever.

And we store all this data so that you can come back to it and understand your trends over time. You can see when you had your best lap and what the lap after that was like. With all this information, you can become a better League, Enduro, or any other type of racer you want to become. You’ll learn if you need to work more on concentration or endurance. You will know if you are a fast starter or a strong finisher.

You’re always the star on our live scoreboard.

There is no Driver X at Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events. Win, place, or show, and you will have your winning pre-race pose and time prominently displayed on one of our large, theatre-sized screens.

When you win, everyone will know it as digital confetti showers your avatar, and the announcer shouts your name with uproaring approval. So it won’t be just  your friends, your family, or your co-workers who know you’re the baddest racer in the building.

Just make sure you bring a Sharpie!

With shareable race results, winning moves fast, and the news travels faster.

Winner Stand Photo.

Perhaps the most satisfying part of any trip to Autobahn is standing on that top step as the winner of your race. It’s especially gratifying if your friend, your rival, is standing just a bit lower because, as we know, it doesn’t really matter if he or she is on the second place or the third place step or just on the floor squinting in the basking glow of your glory. After all, as far as your friend is concerned, “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

Of course, that thrill of victory can go on for quite some time when you share it on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, or just about any other place you want to share the glory. Then, the good times just keep coming, especially when we, your biggest fans, like and share it. Just don’t think you’ll slip in here next time anonymously. You’ll be the one everyone is racing down. And all that friendly competition will just make you faster.

The only thing more addictive than the thrill of high-speed racing is the thrill of winning — over and over again.

Personalized Video of YOU.

Speaking of shareable, your personalized video will be something you can always go back to and show to anyone who wants to see why fast is fun and fun is fast. That is, unless you slow things down at the turn where you passed your co-worker and never looked back.

This short, social media-friendly video comes free with every visit. And it captures just a bit of you doing what you came here to do in the first place — have fun! That’s really what it’s all about.

So, you will leave with more than a moment. You’ll have a memory that you can re-experience and share anytime you want. Laps go by fast, but that feeling you get when you’re free and having fun is something you can carry with you wherever you go and share with whomever you want.

Find your fun.

Of course, Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events offers so much more than high-speed racing. We’re one of the country’s premier axe throwing destinations and are part of the World Axe Throwing League, having sent multiple “modern day warriors” to compete in the world championships.

And the great thing about axe throwing is that no matter how good you are, just saying you throw axes makes you that much more impressive. Share a few well-timed bullseyes or the one time you landed a “Braveheart” double bullseye, and people will take notice.

The big reason axe throwing has become the “cutting edge” indoor sport is simply because it’s fun. And at Autobahn, our “ax-pert” coaches will give you all the personalized training you need to perfect your overhead, one-hand, or underhand throw. After a few sessions, you will be hitting bullseyes and killshots, and before you know it, you may even be joining the league.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events also features the most popular video games and immersive VR adventures. You will find all the games you’d expect to find and probably some you have never even heard of.

So, you can outdance, outpunch, outshoot, outrace, outescape, outhide, and outrun, outsmart, and outmaneuver your real and virtual nemeses. We also have plenty of seasonal arcade offers, so always stay on the lookout for a deal.

Whether you’re in a big group or by yourself, it’s all about you at Autobahn.

You can reserve a time online or just stop in — arrive and drive or arrive and throw, if you prefer. You can plan a big party or corporate event, spend an evening with friends, or simply treat yourself. The weather’s always perfect inside every Autobahn, and we will always do everything we can to help you make it your best day.

You can come back and enjoy what you’ve always loved or discover something new. After all, some of the best times happen when we jump out of our comfort zones and into something exhilarating.

And whether you win or lose, you will find it’s almost always more fun to be in the action than to simply see the action. The most fun things in life are the things that make your heart race, that surprise you as you surprise yourself and all the people around you.

Life moves by fast, and, well, some of us move faster. You are always welcome here in the “Great Indoors,” where adventure meets fun and fun shifts into overdrive. Just like one of our core values — “Think Young. Have Fun.” — we believe there is no age limit on having fun. You are never too young or too old to try something new whether it’s by yourself or with others.

In the process, you may make a few new friends and you may discover a new hobby. All along, you will celebrate that child that is within all of us that wants to go further, faster, and laugh all along the way. Find your fast. Find your new. Find your challenge. Find your escape. Find your reset. Find your exhilaration. Find your fun.

There’s always a new challenge and a new thrill. Coming here never means sitting on the sidelines. That is, unless you want to. Get into the action, and always have fun.

“Think Young. Have Fun.” Your way, everyday.